We Two: Victoria and Albert: Rulers, Partners, Rivals by Gillian Gill

7200265I picked up this book shortly after returning from my UK visit and trip to Kensington Palace. After spending a few hours around their artifacts, I wanted to know more about Victoria and Albert. It sat on my nightstand for most of the academic year, but last week, I realized that it was due today, so I needed to get it read.

Despite the title, the book doesn’t get to their pair’s marriage until 140 pages in, which was frustrating. And even then, it doesn’t really follow a logical chronology. I didn’t find a cogent thesis either as the author simply doesn’t have the proof of the things she posits due to the burning of various diaries, letters and other papers by Victoria’s youngest daughter to preserve her mother’s image as she wanted it.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t slog through the right of the book, so back to the library it went, only half-read.