Nowhere But Home by Liza Palmer

15813537I was so excited to learn that Liza Palmer had a new book out last month. It took a few weeks for it to become available at the library, but I snapped it up as soon as I could.

Queen Elizabeth Wake is from a small town in Texas and she has spent most of her adult life trying to leave it all behind. She returns to North Star when she gets fired from another chef job, having to face her past, her family and possibly her future. I was riveted from the time Queenie arrives back in North Star, sitting at the one blinking red light in town. It reminded me a lot of the tiny town where my fake cousins grew up. Everyone knows everyone’s business, even when you think you’ve been secretive about it.

Queenie’s unusual job offer took me by surprise as it’s not something I ever really thought about. But being Texas, it seems exactly right. Queenie’s love interests weren’t quite surprising and I wish we had gotten just a little bit more about them both. It seemed a little easy that she went from one to the other. But at the same time, I thought it was really great that while she was thinking all these things about Everett, he was thinking similar things about her. Even though the ending was quick in coming, I didn’t want to leave the world. Can’t wait for Ms. Palmer’s next adventure!