The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne

13547080This is likely my last book of the year since I’m only about 30 pages into my next one and the year ends tomorrow. I didn’t make my goal, but I did enjoy the books I read.

This book clearly takes advantage of the Kate Middleton fantasy, of a girl who starts dating a guy who just happens to be a prince. If you enjoyed the movie The Prince & Me, you’d like this book. Amy, our heroine, is a gardener from Yorkshire who shares a flat in London with a socialite (Jo) who likes to throw parties and boss around contractors. There are the requisite odd characters in the building, but they don’t appear often enough to be annoying.

Leo, our princely hero, doesn’t have a lot of depth and is devoted to our heroine from the very start. The few conflicts that arise are pushed away, but I have a feeling that’s more of an English thing that I don’t understand. I have to admit I got verklempt when Leo proposed the first time; it was SUPER romantic and almost too perfect!

I was annoyed, however, by the long, drawn out Kelly saga. I was over it by the second vague reference to her horrid behavior and the continuous mysterious references during the book did not get better. By the time Amy spells it out for Jo in the last 50 pages, the actual incident seemed tame. I felt bad for the family, but it wasn’t worth the intrigue.

The book wraps everything up WAY too fast, without really dealing with the larger conflict for our couple. That said, I’d be into a sequel, to see how they deal with their new lives.