Heart and Soul by Maeve Binchy

3393648With the passing of Maeve Binchy in July, I thought I’d pay tribute by reading all of the remaining books in her vast collection that I haven’t already devoured. This is one of the newer offerings, published in 2009.

It has the trademark Binchy cast of characters, loosely tied together by the heart clinic that Clara is trying to get off the ground. There are lot of familiar names that we get to catch up with, making Dublin seem like the small towns Mrs. Binchy used to write about. I feel like I’ve read so much about Quentins, I’m going to be very disappointed that it doesn’t actually exist when I visit Dublin next year.

There were certain stories that were more interesting than others and those weren’t always the ones that had the larger chapters. There was a brief detour back to the Greek Isle from Nights of Rain and Stars with the twins that I’m sure I’m supposed to remember, but alas, I do not. I wanted to catch up with different characters than we did more often than not, but everyone got married that should have, so I think that’s the best bit.