The Orchid Affair by Lauren Willig

8111651Thanks to Southwest’s inability to have their planes arrive or take off on time, I managed to finish this book in record time. Willig’s books are always quick reads for me and this was no exception.

Willig returns to our modern-day couple in this book, but to be honest, it’s been so long since I read about them, it’s hard to remember where they are in their relationship. The transitions to Eloise and Colin from the regency period protagonists was always jarring and found myself not caring as much about their drama. I remember loving them a lot more than I do now. Not sure if it’s the writing or me that’s changed, but something has.

The main protagonists, Laura and Andre, are pretty sympathetic, though Pierre-Andre, Andre’s little boy, quickly became my favorite character. I didn’t see the climax coming and the falling action was quite pleasant. The ending wrapped up too quickly and neatly with just a small postscript of sorts in the Eloise/Colin chapter. It seemed like their issues needed more discussion and I wanted to know more about how they ended up, since it seems unlikely we’ll be running across them in any of the future books. It was nice not to have to remember all the different debs that have been featured in the previous books, but start to run together after years of reading.

I’ve ordered the next book in the series, but in meantime, I hope to clear out another book from my nightstand about Anne Boleyn. Fingers crossed!