The Mischief of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig

7720480After a couple non-fiction books in a row, I decided to revisit an old favorite author. I used to get these books as soon as they came out, but I’ve fallen behind. I’ve got two more in the series to read to catch up and there’s another one coming out shortly, if I’m reading her blog correctly.

This book takes place back a ways in the series, but since I can hardly remember which heroines go with which heroes in which book, it really doesn’t make a difference to me. It stays with our historical couple from start to finish, not detouring back to the present with the grad student and her society boyfriend. They used to be my favorite part of this series, but I found I didn’t miss them at all. This book also features Ms. Jane Austen as Arabella’s childhood friend. I’m not an Austen fan myself, but it was a nice cameo nonetheless.

I really enjoyed how the romance between Arabella and Turnip seemed to develop organically. I mean, all of Willig’s books follow the same formula and you know that when the main girl meets a guy, that’s who she’s going to end up with. But these two really seemed to get each other and you can see how they could make it work. I finished this book in two days, but I wished I’d had more to read. (Turns out there’s a bonus chapter on her website.) I miss these two (and Sally!) already.