Run 5K: Week Five is a Wrap!

Another week of training has wrapped! Unlike Week Four, I’m not exactly buoyed by this, but I am determined to see it through.

It started out promising. My former boss, current co-worker, A, came over and we went running together, using the Week Five, Day One program. It’s the first time I’ve tried running with someone else during this training program and the first time I’ve run with anyone since college. Turns out, it’s not the greatest idea for me. I’m too competitive to go as slow as I need to complete the run segments without pain. Also, we couldn’t stop chatting about the Olympics (about which you know I have OPINIONS), so that took up energy that I probably didn’t have. I had to stop during the last run segment to catch my breath, which was embarrassing and disheartening, but A took it in stride. We ended the run with a trip to a local cafe and more leisurely catching up session. The run may not have been as successful as I would have liked, but the afternoon was a win for sure!

A few days later, I had better luck with Week Five, Day Two. My playlist synced up perfectly and while I didn’t love the long run segments, but the warm weather and the sunshine definitely helped me endure. I didn’t go as far as I did with A, but I didn’t have to stop either, which I counted as a major win. I was feeling good about my progress when I was felled by an evil cold on Friday that lasted all weekend. In addition to making me a bit of a drama queen, it also put off my training for a week, while I regained the ability to breathe through my nose.

Today, I didn’t have to use a tissues all day, so I knew it was time to finish up Week Five. The weather wasn’t ideal, but if you wait for ideal weather in San Francisco, you’ll be waiting a long time. Today’s program was two long run sections, separated by a 2-minute walk. I managed to make it through both without stopping (again, my playlist was FLAWLESS), but it really put the reality of running a 5K into perspective. At the end of the second run segment (10 mins), I was ready to QUIT. But I know that I’ll be running at least 3 times (and probably more like 4 times) that long when I’m actually running my race. I definitely need to concentrate on my music choice to keep me motivated.

One month till Race Day!

And my awesome playlist: