More Like Her by Liza Palmer

10252845I was so excited to see that my favorite author, Liza Palmer, had a new book out. Her characters always hit me righthere and I just can’t put them down.

Because she’s my favorite author, I didn’t bother to read the summary or the back of the book at all, because, hey, it’s Liza Palmer! I’m sure I’ll love it! So, then I read the prologue, which is the 911 transcript of a shooting at a school, and I had to put the book down and walk a away for a couple days. I’m glad I picked it back up and the actual circumstances of the shooting didn’t push my buttons the way I thought it might (though the real test will be when I try to go to sleep tonight).

Frannie Reid is so much like me, it’s a little ridiculous (and I’m not going to go back to read my other review of Palmer’s books because I’m sure I say that about all her protagonists), so it was a nice journey to see where she was when the book started, how she handled THE EVENT and the fallout from there. Her friends were a trip as well as the peripheral characters and I found myself not able to book the put down, not wanting to give up that world until I saw it through to the end.

It comes together a little quickly at the end for me, not near enough emotional resolution considering what happens and how. The characters had reality shoved upon them in the most awful way, and I suppose a happy ending is the least they deserve for surviving at all.