What to Expect

The blog has been neglected for a while now and I have a bunch of half-done posts in the “draft” bin, but instead of dusting any of them off, I’m going in a completely different direction.

Movieline posted the New What To Expect When You’re Expecting Poster and they are right when they say it’s terrible. I’ve wondered often since I first heard about this project how (and WHY?!) they were going to adapt a pregnancy manual into a movie, but apparently, they think if they put enough celebrities in it, this thing will be Love Actually, Part Two. But the reason this movie is on my radar screen at all is that Matthew Morrison is playing one of the (hapless) fathers (coupled up with Cameron Diaz, no less). Of course, my infatuation with him has faded a bit, so unlike in the Krasinski-era, I will NOT be seeing this monstrosity in the theaters.

However, looking at the new poster, I was a bit intrigued to see that Matthew isn’t featured. The top half of the poster has five of the mothers (including Diaz), but the bottom half only has four fathers. Thomas Lennon (who I love) is featured on the far left, but doesn’t get an above-the-title credit. Matthew gets the credit, but not the photo. At first I was offended on his behalf (it’s a hard habit to break), but the more I thought about it, perhaps he’s the luckiest one of all.