♪ Rainy days and Mondays always get me down ♪

On Saturday, I completed Week 1 of the Run 5K program. I’ve probably started a couch to 5K program at least 4 times before, but I’d never gotten passed the first workout.

I’ve never been a runner. The last time I ran for more than the bus was sophomore year in high school, and only when required in gym class. But there I was, ear buds in, running along the beach with the rest of the athletic folks in the California sunshine. The workout was hard, but doable. I had a new workout playlist and I was shakin’ my thang on the breaks. I felt like I could finally handle this running thing.

Then it got cold.

After brunching and shopping with A on Monday, I rushed home to do Day One, Week 2 before it got dark. The run times were twice what they were in Week One. It was cold and windy and everything hurt. I finished the workout, but just barely. There was definitely part of me that wanted to give up during the second of the six intervals, but I stuck it out. I didn’t remember Day One of Week 1 being quite so hard. I definitely did not strut during my interval breaks. And I was sore. Stretching and a warm shower didn’t cure my throbbing shins or aching quads on Monday evening.

Then on Tuesday, I skipped spin class because my knee was giving me fits when I went up and down the stairs at work. Instead of completing Day Two or going to body sculpting class on Wednesday, I skipped the gym and went to a movie with friends. Tonight, I skipped spin again to run errands and prep for my busy weekend.

And now it’s raining. It IS winter after all. No running outside for the foreseeable future and with things starting up again at work, the demand for treadmills will be crazy. Hopefully, this week is a minor set back and I can get back into a routine as work starts to get busy again. I did actually miss going to the gym and sweating out a long day, so here’s hoping next week is more productive!