Sunday Perfection

Yesterday was one of those days perfectly gorgeous San Francisco days that we get about 10 times a year. I literally felt like Superman on the L as it whisked me downtown, feeling the sun on my face, recharging me after a long week. I had my iPod cranking OneRepublic’s Good Life and definitely feeling “happy like a fool!” Even the ripe stench of Page Street wasn’t enough to put me off my good mood.

I had brunch plans with my friend, A, at one of our favorite places – Straw. I’d not been there for brunch, but I was not disappointed. The only thing that would make it better would be bottomless mimosas. They are constantly changing up the menu, which is awesome, but I can never seem to eat everything I want to try before something else delightful appears. #firstworldproblems for sure!

cupcake enthusiast After brunch, we wandered down to Miette, which I LOVE, but rarely visit because a) I want to buy everything and that’s not so good for the wallet or my waist and 2) it’s not really on my way to anything else. I talked A into getting a cupcake for her friend she was meeting later and I picked up a tiny Old-Fashion cupcake, which they put in a delightful little box with a handle. I have not yet checked to see if the meringue survived the heat, but I’m sure it’s still yummy. A and I both became “Cupcake Enthusiasts,” though I’m sure that this punch card will only lead me down a dark, delicious road.

I hadn’t been to Hayes Valley in quite some time, so it was lovely to window shop and people watch. During our travels, we needed to get cash, and apparently the only working ATM is in the Walgreens. Transaction completed, we stopped at Smitten for some delicious ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. It was as awesome as it sounds, even though we were both baking in the sun as we ate. I also made a promise to never talk about round ligament outside of my doctor’s office, in case I ever get pregnant, which is something that I think we can all benefit from.

The afternoon was capped off with delicious drinks at Two Sisters Bar and Books (the reason for the ATM – they are CASH ONLY). A’s friend met us there and we had delightful conversation about plastic surgery, American Horror Story and the worst dates EVER. Dating in this town is difficult, but man this does not make me want to jump online anytime soon!

All too soon, I was heading back home, full of drinks, food and laughter – just another perfect San Francisco afternoon!