The Last Year of Being Single by Sarah Tucker

1280582Spoilers abound in this review, so scroll past if you don’t want to know what happens (though I would not recommend to anyone to read this book!).

First of all, the title is a total misnomer because Ms. Sarah Giles (yes, that’s right, the author named the main character after herself!) starts the book single (though coupled) and ends the book single (uncoupled).

Secondly, it seems like Ms. Tucker saw Bridget Jones’s Diary, perhaps on a airplane, where they take all the good bits out, and thought, “I could do that.” The diary format would be a nice change of pace of things weren’t totally incomprehensible a lot of the time. Our heroine switches between first person and third person when talking about an event, quite interchangeably. Also, the inclusion of text messages may have seemed novel then (2002), but now it’s just trite and does little to move the story along.

But really, my main problem with the book is that everyone sucks. The main character is terrible. She doesn’t seem to like her boyfriend of five years, except when she spends pages talking about how much she loves him and they are soul mates. Even though she hates his friends, the way he’s controlling, the fact that he won’t have sex with her since she got an abortion during the first month of them dating, etc. She starts having an affair with another guy who is also controlling and sorta creepy and lies to him too. She’s SO confused ALL of the time and doesn’t know WHAT to do. Ugh.

I spent most of the book screaming at her to just dump Paul and leave John and get her damn life together. I skimmed the last third of the book, in the hopes that she was not actually the horrid human being she was for the first two-thirds of the book, but no, even after she is told on multiple occasions by multiple people that she really doesn’t want to get married, she still dons the dress and walks down the aisle. On the next to last page, she actually says no and I think we’re supposed to be happy for her. I was just happy the book was over.