Another Open Letter to Congress

Dear Congress,

Are you enjoying your summer vacation? I’m sure it’s packed full of constituent education/outreach events, so it doesn’t really feel like a vacation and you’ll be all “Man, I need a vacation from my vacation” when you get back to work on September 7th. But I think we should actually consider this a “time out.” Considering your actions in the week before going on “recess,” it’s clear to me that you need to sit quietly and think about what you’ve done.

I’m not an economics professor, and though I can balance my own checkbook and make my own credit card payments on time, I’m not a financial whiz by any stretch of the imagination. I’ll admit, I’m one of those “youngsters” that gets their news of the day from Twitter and The Daily Show. Nothing helps me unwind more than sadly laughing at what our politicians have gotten themselves into this time. Ha. Sigh.

This is what I know:

  • Congress needed to pass a bill that would allow for the debt ceiling to be raised, so we could continue to pay our bills.
  • The President and Congress spent a week bitching at each other in the media about how the other won’t “compromise” (read: do what I want).
  • A bill was passed at the last minute that no one was happy about and the Tea Party refused to vote for, even though the rest of Congress had spent the week kissing their asses.
  • Standard and Poors downgraded our credit rating on Friday anyway and stock markets around the world are plummeting.

I know you’ll be spending this month going out into your district and selling your decision to vote how you did to your constituents, hoping that they’ll have forgotten all this debt ceiling nonsense. However, I’m hoping that you’ll also be thinking of ways to avoid such a clusterfuck in the future. I don’t know whose plan was right and whose was wrong, but I do know that we ended up with a plan that everyone hated and we lost our credit rating anyway. That’s ridiculous and you ALL should be ashamed of yourselves.

So, my message is really this: FIX IT! LOCK IT UP! Get your shit together! And get back to work!