July Links Round Up

One of my favorite inventions is the “star” feature of my Google Reader. I love being able to favorite posts I read for later consumption. I only wish I could do this with everything else in life as well.

  • Clockwork Lemon: Picnics and Picnic Baskets
    I’m a little bit in love with this picnic basket. I’ve never been one to pack a picnic, but this basket makes me want to frolic in a meadow or whatever people do while picnicking. LOVE!
  • Stanford Magazine: The Menace Within
    “You never know what you’re going to get involved in that will turn out to be a defining moment in your life.” – Stanford Prison Experiment “prisoner”
  • xkcd: Delivery Notification
    Oh, I’ve so been there! I remember trying to get FedEx to pick up my laptop for repair and it taking over a week for the guy to actually ring my apartment to pick it up and it only needed to go to Santa Clara. It was so frustrating to sit there day after day, waiting, when I could just drive 45 minutes south and get it over with!
  • The Hairpin: Bacon-Wrapped Egg Cupcakes

A Royal Visit to North America: