I blame the head injury

Yesterday, I was all set to write a long post about my terrible experience at Wednesday night’s Giants game. Unfortunately, combining Firefighter Appreciation Night and Singles Night didn’t actually work as well as I’d thought. Turns out drunk idiots are drunk idiots whether they are firefighters from Redding or just spectacular human beings from Chico. And though I appreciated that at times there were upwards of six firefighters dealing with the spectacular drunk idiot from Chico, I did NOT appreciate when one of their helmets fell off and hit me in the head.

But then this morning, I read this story about the fan who died last night after falling while trying to catch a practice ball. And suddenly the lump on the top of my head didn’t seem so bad. That fan was just trying to watch a baseball game last night too and he lost his life.

So, sitting in the bleachers goes on the Murtaugh list and I live to buy tickets to my next game – LGTB night! Can’t wait for my LGTB Giants hat (fingers crossed for rainbow glitter to be involved somehow!) and a much more civilized evening. In View Reserve.