I Remember You by Harriet Evans

7928485I spent a lovely, lazy Easter Sunday finishing this book, but it didn’t leave me with the powerful feelings that my last Harriet Evans outing did.

There were plenty of lovely passages and themes, but every time I fell in with a certain tone, plot or character, I’d be yanked in another direction. There were oddly placed flashbacks that show you exactly why folks act the way they do, but of course, since the characters you are following most of the time don’t have this omniscient point of view, they can’t appreciate how similar they are.

I was quite taken with the American, Peter, and Tess’s romance with him, but I was quite confused at both of them for trying to continue on past Rome. I was shocked to read that they were emailing, Skyping, etc as if it were a real relationship. Seems like it would have made more sense to have either of them realize that it was a delightful fling while they were still there, but I guess that’s just another thing I didn’t understand. Though the book is well over 400 pages, the romance felt incredibly rushed at the end and made little sense as it ended.

I’ll read another book by this author because The Love of Her Life was SO well done, but this one left me a bit cold and I was definitely skimming and reading ahead as I neared the end.