The Love of Her Life by Harriet Evans

3637633I had five hours waiting at the Phoenix airport yesterday, plus my flight back home, so I easily finished this book in one day. As usual, it takes about 100 pages to get into the meat of the plot, but once I was in, wow! I was NOT expecting some of the twists and turns and there were times when I found myself tearing up a bit as the tragedies unfolded. I hesitate to even call this chick lit because while there was some fluffiness and “that guy,” once you find out what happened to Kate, it’s not so fluffy anymore. I liked the use of flashbacks to lay out what happened and bringing us back to the present, helping us figure out why Kate interacts the way she does with everyone.

That said, I feel like there were ways that the book could have been tightened up, especially in the beginning because I sat there thinking “just get TO IT already” in the first few chapters with all the “mystery” surrounding Kate’s return to London. I also thought the ending was a little unsatisfying. Well, not how things end up, but we get a fantastic moment and then it just sorta peters out. The last chapter feels very tacked on and I didn’t really understand its purpose.

I’ve requested her latest book from interlibrary loan because this was the perfect antidote to Ms. Townley’s Jessica Wild.