A Wild Affair by Gemma Townley

6024465I had a co-worker once that couldn’t watch most movies or sitcoms because she couldn’t deal with the “hilarious” miscommunications that lead to many plots. She definitely hated Three’s Company. Reading these “Wild” books, I’m coming around to her line of thinking. I mean, I understand that no one is perfect, and I definitely understand that the issues at play here are more serious than the first book. But yegods, it’s hard to watch Ms. Wild spinning out of control during the first third of the book when she could have a simple conversation with her fiance and ask him a simple question. Right, I know, no drama, and the book would have no plot, but it just makes me want to scream. If she can’t get through one “suspicious” phone call without acting like a spoiled child, then she really isn’t ready to get married.

And spoilers ahead because I really can’t discuss my main quibble with this book without them. Sorry!

While Jessica is out getting drunk with Hugh, they have this conversation:

“No,” I said seriously. “They won’t. They’re going to be busy now that Jarvis is…” I stopped suddenly.

Later down the page, the conversation stops with “My lips are sealed.” So unless Jess got chatty about this supposed merger during the page turn between that night and the next morning, how the hell did Hugh know about it? Seems more likely to me that he started doing back channel research and found it that way. Don’t understand why Jessica is so sure it was her, even after she found out that she didn’t sleep with Hugh. That part just made no sense to me.

I also wasn’t sure why everyone was all up on Jessica for not immediately loving her mother who thought it was better that Jessica think she DIED than actually raise her. Especially knowing how her mother (Jessica’s grandmother) was and how Jessica would be raised. And perhaps, I’ve seen too much Law & Order, but I had a hard time believing everyone was just on board that this random stranger was Jessica’s mother without a DNA test, especially when Jessica started writing hundred thousand pound checks. The biggest twist to me was that Esther really was Jessica’s mother and not a grifter!

Anyway, plot nit-picking aside, it was a super quick read and I’m still ready to read the last in the trilogy tonight.