Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger

6952534This book had been on my list to read last year and I think I may have actually gotten it from the library at one point, but I only got through the first chapter before I had to take it back. While I was visiting my parents over Christmas, I saw that it was 50% at Barnes & Noble for the hardcover, so I scooped it up.

I really thought it was an interesting read. I’ve also been writing a novel with similar themes, so it was fun to see what seemed “universal” and what was so drastically different between hers and mine. The most interesting part to me was the current references – Facebook, Tiger Woods, Jonas Brothers, 27 Dresses, “Prison Break,” etc, etc. While it works for the right now, I can’t imagine those references holding up in five or ten years. Not that every book has to be timeless, but you could almost pinpoint the moment in time when it was written. Given that it was just last year, of course.

I didn’t think the ending was earned. I accidentally glanced at the last page when I was about 200 pages in and as the book went on, I kept wondering how on earth it was going to go from where I was to where it ended. Well, it gets there, but really not in a way that’s satisfying. But it’s a good read up until that point. 🙂

My favorite quote came from fairly early on in the book and it made me laugh out loud:

“Wait just a minute…” Her mother’s voice trailed off and it was momentarily replaced by Oprah’s before that, too, abruptly ended. “There we go.”
“Wow, you turned off Oprah. It must be important.”
“She’s interviewing Jennifer Aniston again. I can’t stand to listen to it anymore. She’s over Brad. She’s thrilled to be forty-whatever. She’s never felt better. We get it. Why do we have to keep talking about it?”

You go, Brooke’s mom!