In One Year and Out the Other

227279This was a nice collection of short stories that have the common theme of taking place in and around New Year’s Eve. Perhaps it would have been smarter to grab this one over winter break, but I am at the mercy of the inter-library loan gods.

I found this collection because Cara Lockwood’s “name is huge on the cover,” but I did like the other stories found inside. Most were the usual suspects of chick lit, but there were a few that still stick out to me. One revolved around a woman who is dead and watching her ex move on via the 24-hour channel dedicated to his life (apparently we all have one and anyone can be watching from Heaven at anytime!). Another was about a woman who ends up at her gynecologist’s office on New Year’s Eve and how sometimes we need someone on the outside to mirror what we are saying to really understand where we are. And the last that stuck with me was about how the guy she kissed at midnight set the tone for her whole year. No spoilers as to who she kisses at this midnight, but I thought it was a nice twist.

By the time I was getting to the last few stories, I was skimming more than reading. I think I did skip the last couple, since I wanted to turn the book back in at the end of my lunch break. My apologies to those authors – I’m sure your stories were just as good as those in the beginning, but I just kinda ran out of patience with the theme after a while.