The Secret of Joy by Melissa Senate

6405363I just got finished reading this book and I just had to come post about it. But now, I’m having trouble translating the fact that it just made me feel warm and left a smile on my face into words.

Rebecca’s father dies and when he goes, he leaves her with a mystery that shakes her world. In the process of trying to figure out what to do next, she finds herself in a small town in Maine, meeting a cute guy, adopting a dog and trying to piece together a family. I really love how Senate writes the town where Rebecca lands and it almost made me want to pick up everything and move to a clapboard house in a small New England town. Of course, everything seems lovely in the summertime in New England.

I really enjoyed watching things fall into place for Rebecca, even if she didn’t realize it in the moment. Her father gave her a gift with his lie and introduce her to the idea that her life didn’t have to continue as it was going. It hit me in all the right places with its escapism and lovely leading man. And it made me want to travel to Maine, which I’ve not wanted to do since I was attacked by killer bugs on my senior bell tour. Only if I can meet a Theo though!