Questions to Ask Before Marrying by Melissa Senate

2403954I was delighted to find another Melissa Senate book on the sale table at a local Barnes & Noble. I had thought I had read them all a few years back, so I was happy to see another one in the pile.

This one started out promisingly enough with sisters on a road trip, on a mission and a love triangle for our heroine. But in the end, the sister’s story is more interesting and I’d be more inclined to see the events from her point of view. They meet some interesting characters along the way from Maine to Las Vegas, reminding me of my own cross-country trips. I was also jealous that they had time to stop and see those weird/cool roadside attractions that I never seem to have time for when I’m schlepping from one coast to the other.

The book loses steam once they get to Las Vegas and I was disappointed in the ending for our heroine. Not my favorite Senate, but I’ll keep her as a favorite.