The Tennis Party by Madeline Wickham

12529651I decided to take advantage of the inter-library loan at the university where I now work and grabbed up three of Madeleine Wickham’s older novels. This one appears to be her first (under this name at least) and it was a good read.

The story centers around a tennis party weekend at the country house of the main couple to which they invite two other couples and a father-daughter pair. As usually happens, drama ensues between the couples and husbands/wives themselves. Lots of family dynamics on display with many children in the mix. Each member of the couples gets a bit of voice throughout the novel, with a bit of longing for what the others have. A classic story of “the grass is always greener” set in the English countryside.

This book didn’t actually seem as Brit lit as some others I’ve read; either I’m getting better with the slang or this was written without much. One thing I did have an issue with was the notion of a Lloyd’s Name, which is referred to quite a bit in the middle of the book, but not ever explained. I suppose if you are British, you’d know what one is, but without that trusty Wikipedia article, I would have been completely lost for many chapters.