Love the One You’re With by Emily Giffin

2120652I think we all have that one guy who made us lose control, lose ourselves and shrug it off like it was our fault it didn’t go the distance. That said, I really didn’t get drawn into this book. Some things I could relate to (like the conversation about their break up in the diner – especially when he said he didn’t leave her), but for the most part it was all foreign. Maybe it was too “New York” or the unrelatable career (I mean, I get photography as a career, but it wasn’t described well) – I just didn’t get it. The main character seemed to get caught up in the wrong things and stay shut up at the wrong moments. The ending came out of nowhere and just seemed tacked on because the book needs to end well. Hoping the last book I have by her lives up to the first one I read.

As you can see, I now need about five books in five days, which shouldn’t be too hard with only working three days next week. It’s definitely not the way I thought this would go, but I am determined to finish!