Unwise Passion by Alan Pell Crawford

303519I probably finished this book a month ago, but as you can see, it was so fascinating and interesting that I just had to write about it. /s

I asked for and received this book for Christmas. The title and synopsis seemed intriguing since it was about scandal, women’s place in society and Virginia’s colonial aristocracy. Unfortunately, the book is really not about any of those things. It seems to have no point of view and isn’t interesting the slightest. It jumps in time for no reason, going back to explain things in the middle of explaining other things. The “scandal” and it’s results are actually downplayed in favor of explaining more familial bonds/ties/relationships. It almost seems like the author started this project to get the answers about what really happened that night, didn’t find what he was looking for and decided to continue writing for another 200 pages. Very disappointing.