Seeing Me Naked by Liza Palmer

909828While I liked my first outing with Ms. Palmer, it didn’t prepare me for how much I would LOVE this book. The title really has nothing to do with the book’s content at all unless it’s some kind of metaphor and even then, it’s stretching it.

Our heroine seems to live in a parallel reality where her father is a Pulitzer prize-winning author and being the pastry chef at a hip LA restaurant is how she pays the bills. And yet, she’s so incredibly likable right away that you get sucked into her world and everything seems normal. To me, it was more than chick lit and that’s why I liked it. The characters had layers and there was a surprising amount of realistic family drama. Sure there was a juxtaposition of the bad boy and the good guy that our heroine must choose between, but even then, they weren’t stereotypes or cliches. And I’ll admit that the last chapter made me a little teary.

The title of Ms. Palmer’s next book (out in December) makes me a little nervous, but I’m prepared to jump right in when the time comes.