Bachelor Girl: 100 Years of Breaking the Rules by Betsy Israel

413433I bought this book over four years ago and have tried to read it several times, but never got through it. Now that I have, I figured out why I never finished it before – it’s just not good.

The subject matter intrigued me, and that’s why I grabbed it off the shelf all those years ago. But it’s clumsily covered in the text and randomly foot-noted. I know a little bit more about the terms and slang of the different groups of singles, but nothing really that I didn’t already know about social mores and singleness since the turn of the twentieth century. Since it’s less than 300 pages, it would of course be more breadth than depth, but even the breadth is just not done well.

Basically, it frustrated me and just made me long for a book about the subject that actually informed me instead of annoyed me.