Going Home by Harriet Evans

652183My first book of the new year was recommended by my good friend, Katie. That plus a blurb from Sophie Kinsella on the cover meant this was pretty much going to be a home run with me.

It felt like several books put together, which was an interesting way to be introduced to this author, but I felt like perhaps it went on too long. Every time I felt like things were wrapping up, I’d realize I still had over 200 or 100 pages to go and there would have to be another wrench in things before the book would end. Like with Always a Bridesmaid, I got tripped up with some of the British colloquialisms and slang, which was a bit frustrating again. I guess they must clean up Sophie Kinsella’s stuff for American readers because I don’t notice it as much in her books.

I was a little annoyed by the ending, that it hadn’t really been earned and somethings were left up in the air that shouldn’t be. I mean, it was romantic and all, but I sorta wished it would have gone differently.