The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell

12358My recent trip to NYC gave me a 4-hour bus ride in each direction which gave me plenty of time to finish this fabulous collection of essays by one of my favorite authors. Sarah Vowell has a great voice and a lot of her viewpoints and opinions coincide with mine, so I find myself doing a lot of nodding and “yes!”-ing while I read.

Written in December 2001, it’s an interesting time capsule of Election 2000 and post-9/11 essays that try to make sense of the world and our country in a time that didn’t really make any sense. A lot of what she writes is topical to that moment and contains things that I haven’t really thought about in the intervening years. But mostly, it’s just thought-provoking, humorous short pieces that make me smile and nod because it’s so true.