The Little Lady & The Prince by Hester Browne

2574075I couldn’t help grabbing this when I stopped by Barnes & Noble to pick up Jennifer Weiner’s new book. While I hadn’t been in love with the first two books, I still had to see where Melissa Romney-Jones ended up.

The plot was a lot more believable this time and I didn’t find myself getting annoyed Melissa as much as in the last book. I was enthralled by the love story with her grandmother as much as anything else. Seems so sweet and British really. I loved that there was more Emery and less Allerga. The family scenes were so much more bearable and I could actually stand to think about being in the same room with them.

Unfortunately, while I was going along, enjoying the realism and the characters much more than last time, in the last 20 pages, the wheels fall off the wagon. Melissa falls in love with the “perfect” man and it’s just frustrating. Totally ruined the end of the book (which would have been delightful otherwise). Sigh.