The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig

84351I picked this book up off the sale shelf at Borders ages ago, but never found the impetus to read it before now. Even when I put it on my list to read last month, I procrastinated nearly half the month away before starting. Now, I’m not sure why.

Just as the back cover described, this book appeals to both my love chick lit and European history. Most of the book (save a few proper names and places) is complete fiction; however, it’s so masterfully written that I just don’t care. Switching between the world of Napoleon and the world of Eloise the grad student in London was very well-done and left me breathless for more of both. Obviously the world of Napoleon makes up the bulk of the novel, but the peeks we get into Eloise’s life and the interesting gentleman she meets definitely makes me want to find out more about her. I was a little surprised at the level of detail during the make out and sex scenes since that’s something usually left to more classical romance novels. However, it was rather easy to skim and skip over with no plot points being missed.

This book leaves off at a great stopping place, but leaves itself open for the obvious sequel. Looking at my library’s website last night, I discovered there are actually three more books that follow this one, which I will be checking out in the months to come.