Do You Remember The First Time? by Jenny Colgan

7954052I have to say that the actual plot of this book hit me from out of left field. And for that reason alone, I kinda liked it. Once I got over the initial shock, I wasn’t quite as impressed, but it was a quick read and ended up pretty tidy, so I can’t complain.

The book is basically 13 Going On 30 in reverse, which is a nice enough concept if I hadn’t seen the movie first. I was a bit confused by why some people switched and some people didn’t. Ditto why sleeping with the little brother somehow made up for her not sleeping with the older brother when she had the chance. I saw the ending “plot twist” from a mile away, but it was still nice.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t turn down another book by this author, but I wouldn’t race out to pick one up either.