The Wedding Party by Robyn Carr

184855This book had the added perk of being set in Sactown, which I really think helped me get through it. Of all the characters introduced, the main character is the least likeable and I found myself wishing we were hearing more about the other love stories going on in the background.

In the beginning, I really understood the premise for the wedding because I’ve been there – where you just want a partner, and you don’t understand why you’ve been so resistant in the past. However, as it went on, I was far less sympathetic to the control-freak main character and wished she could read some of the omniscient narrator’s psycho-analysis (also not a fan of this).

Dennis and the wedding planner felt a little Derek/Meredith to me, so I liked that, even if I sorta disagree with the premise. All in all, not a bad read, but I probably wouldn’t have picked it up if it hadn’t been sent to me.