Fashionistas by Lynn Messina

10494208The Devil Wears Prada, this is not. But it’s still a fun read about someone who doesn’t fit into the world of a fashion magazine. The characters were pretty tame sketches of the normal people you find in an office, including the bitch boss, gossipy office worker, senior person who seems to be only one who actually likes working there and the thing they working for, etc. I wasn’t actually rooting for anyone and it barely kept me engaged, but I did finish the book.

Each chapter is only a few pages long, making it seem like the reader is making progress through the book a lot faster than reality. Some of the anecdotes are told out of order, but not so much so that it’s confusing. The main character has a really weird name, which kinda took me out of the moment sometimes, but the book’s short enough for it not to completely turn me off.

The scheme is a little far-fetched and I was expecting a much different outcome than what actually occurs. The whole book is leading up to a climatic moment, which turns out to be rather anti-climatic and is glossed over pretty quickly. And then the book ends like 10 pages later. I was left sorta shaking my head at what had just happened.

I’ll probably read other Lynn Messina novels, but I won’t seek them out like I do with Sophie Kinsella books.