Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella

9418I’m on a bit of a Sophie Kinsella kick at the moment. There’s a new Shopaholic book out on the market, so I decided that I needed to read the other books in the series before grabbing that one. My mom had borrowed this one and the next (Ties the Knot) a while ago, so on my recent visit home, I brought them back with me.

I read this book on the flight back home from the East Coast to get out of talking with the World’s Chattiest Flyer, seated to my right. I ended up reading the whole thing in about three hours. I had forgotten how annoying Becky’s spending and indecision could be, but she always seems to redeem herself in the end. There were times when I just wanted to smack her, but at the same time, I wanted everything to turn out alright for her as well.

I definitely like Kinsella’s other books better than this series. But at the same time, this book was better than a lot of other chick lit that I’ve read, so I guess I can’t complain too much.