Just Last Night by Mhairi McFarlane

55349318._SY475_I’m behind on my stated goal of 28 books this year, but not so far behind that I can’t catch up. Earlier this month, I started People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry, but it didn’t grab me right away, so the e-book loan expired before I could really get into it. Luckily, I always have something on hold with the library (plus the three books I bought at an actual bookstore last week!), so I’m never without reading material. It’s always about finding the time and energy to do it.

I enjoyed the last book I read by this author, but even though that book went in a direction I wasn’t expecting, I didn’t prep myself for the same thing happening here. When the book starts, you know that something happens, but it’s really not the thing you expect. It quickly moves into standard romcom territory at the pub and you forget about the first chapter. Then the “inciting incident” hits you across the face in a way that takes your breath away, and we’re off to the races.

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My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

While I didn’t enjoy this book quite as much as I did the first book I read by them, I still finished it in two day and have tears in my eyes from the ending. So perhaps I did like it?

Millie Morris is a prof at UCSB and friends with four guys who are also professors in various departments on campus. So it was fun to see a chick lit book set in an environment with which I am VERY familiar (even if they are all 30ish). Even if Mille is a the lone lady in a group of men and she “doesn’t really have female friends” (which is usually a red flag!), I didn’t mind it here.
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99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

Yep, I finished this book in a day. I started it last night and had to force myself to put it down to go to sleep last night. I’m fast falling in love with this author and her fabulous female protagonists that are specific enough to feel like fully formed women and yet, I can relate to them so much even though we have so little in common.

It’s actually interesting that both books I’ve read so far don’t really specify a place where the action is happening. I mean the office, the house, the bar, all feel real, but the place where they all exist just doesn’t. It’s a generic city, a generic seaside village, etc. And reading the author’s bio on GoodReads where you have to dig down to the fourth paragraph to see that she lives in Australia, I wonder if that’s on purpose. There are a few clues in the text that the author isn’t American (use of the word “solicitor” comes to mind first), but it’s just interesting to me since many romcoms use the city the work is set in as a character as well.

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The Paris Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal

33109439I’m still very far behind my Goodreads Challenge goal for 2021, but I hope to clear a couple books this weekend and more after work calms down a little. There are a bunch of books from some of my favorite authors coming out in the next few months, so I won’t be running out of great things to read any time soon. But as per usual, I’ll read three books in a week and then nothing for six weeks, so it’s a struggle.

I dove back into the Maggie Hope series with a trip to Paris that was more depressing than I was ready for. I mean, I guess I should just expect the books about British spies during the throws of WWII to be depressing, but it feels like even when they get a “win” or some mystery is solved, it’s still awful because of everything else that’s happening.

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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

The Hating Game book coverAs is my usual pattern, I don’t read for a month and then I finish a book in about a day. According to Goodreads, this book is being made into a movie with Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell. Not quite the casting I would have gone with, but I’ll probably watch it whenever it comes out.

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